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Let's Start with a Quick Question...

What's Your WEIGHT LOSS Relationship Status?

___ Non-Existent

___ I'm Going To Start A Plan Soon - Not Worried

___ On A Plan - It's Working Fine

___ Separated - It Wasn't Working

___ It's Complicated

___ Divorced - I've Given Up Hope

If you chose "It's Complicated" - We GET IT!

You've probably tried absolutely everything out there...

Keto, Calorie Counting, Fasting, Clean Eating,

Diet meal delivery services, Crazy-strict cleanses, Hard core workout regimens?

But does it seem like what works for everyone else just doesn’t work for you?

Well-meaning friends tell us to just eat less and exercise more, but we’ve “been there, done that,” and that doesn’t work, either. Sometimes it makes things worse. (Pssst! We know WHY - Keep Reading To Find Out!)

Do you want to get your body and health back, but your self-care goes on the back burner because after trying so many things, you just don’t know where to start? Or which ‘expert’ to trust?

Or could you be feeling a bit hopeless – like you’ll never find what works for you? Something reasonable that you can do long-term, at home, at work and even on vacation that will help you reach and stay at your goal?

Why Our Approach is SO Different!

We get it! Weight Loss is far more complicated for some of us. If there are hidden imbalances in metabolism or hormones, or underlying conditions that interfere with weight loss, you’ll struggle and get nowhere.

Yes, we know It’s complicated, but it's also very FIXABLE! You just have to know what you’re dealing with. You're not alone. Over 50% of Americans are in the same boat. We’ve helped hundreds of clients break through their imbalances to reach their long awaited goal. We can help you, too! We guarantee it!

One of our Core Mission Statements is to shine a light of HOPE for the discouraged people who’ve worked so hard to lose weight and get healthy, but who've gotten nowhere.

There IS a way through. You just need the RIGHT APPROACH.

Ready To Talk To An Expert?

The Most Powerful Approach You've Ever Experienced!

Our all-natural LightSpeed Weight Loss Plan not only gets your body into a powerful weight loss mode, it will be PERSONALIZED to help re-balance your metabolism and hormones at the same time!

Our specialized, gentle, relaxing Red Light Therapy system immediately boosts metabolism and safely reduces weight in target areas -even in just your first trial visit!

If you do both together, they amplify each other’s benefits and speed up weight loss! We’ve seen many clients go up to 20% faster. We also have many clients losing up to 1 lb per day!

You can choose WHERE you lose weight and tighten/smooth skin! Even common stubborn spots like neck, upper arms, bra line, waist, hips, thighs, backs of legs.

You’ll be amazed at how comfortable and easy it is to start shedding inches. Our system is totally non-invasive, non-surgical, pain-free, and safe - with no down time!

During a series of red light treatments (usually 12 sessions), most clients notice improved sleep, better energy and mood, sharper thinking, smoother and tighter skin, and greatly reduced cellulite!

Take A Look At Some Client Case Studies

Divya's Story - 32 w/ stubborn post pregnancy weight

Divya (32) had been active all her life. She’d never had trouble with her weight until after her twins were born. Breastfeeding hadn’t helped take off the baby weight as much as she’d expected.  She tried some cleanses and crashes which provided short-term results, but the weight came back - plus more! She was having to cut calories and exercise every day just to maintain.

Divya's Solution

What Divya didn’t realize was that her hormones had shifted during pregnancy, and she was becoming insulin resistant. These post-pregnancy shifts are usually easy to rebalance with nutritional interventions. Divya required an initial cleansing period, then a nutritional plan that provided enough nutrients to support her active lifestyle while still staying in ‘fat-burn mode.’ 

Julie's Story - 55 w/ age related insulin resistance

Julie (55) started gaining weight in her early 50s and most of it was around her middle. Her doctor was concerned because her cholesterol and triglycerides were high, and her blood pressure was creeping up. Julie loves going with groups on adventure trips all over the world, but she’d noticed it was harder to keep up on the hikes and more strenuous activities. She said she was too young to be feeling so old.  

Julie's Solution

Julie was showing early signs of metabolic syndrome and her metabolism was slowing down. This is common for people in their mid 50s. She needed an intensive reset cleanse, combined with a supplement regimen to boost her metabolism and balance declining hormone levels. Then she needed an ongoing plan with enough flexibility to support her travels and the extra activity that came with it. 

Jim's Story - 38 w/sedentary job and no time to cook or workout

Jim (38) worked a well-paying but sedentary job where he’d gained 40 lbs in 2 years - mostly in the belly.  He worked long hours so he couldn’t spend tons of time at the gym or in the kitchen cooking. He’d tried meal delivery services with plans that followed popular weight loss approaches, but after a few months, he still hadn’t lost any weight. He needed a solution that worked with his schedule and lifestyle. 

Jim's Solution

What Jim needed was an Easy Button. Fortunately we had one. We hooked him up with our shake-based supplement kit so he only needed one whole food meal a day. We helped him learn what to look for in the delivery service meals and helped him identify several he liked that would work. While moderate exercise is encouraged, it’s not required, so we just suggested Jim walk more when he could. 

Kim's Story - 44 w/ lifelong weight challenges

Kim (44) had struggled with weight all her life. Obesity ran in her family and she’d been overweight since she was a child. She was plagued by very strong sugar and carbohydrate cravings. She also had PCOS which interferes with the balance of hormones related to weight gain. She’d tried endless diets and plans, and read countless diet and nutrition books. She knew what she needed to do, but she just couldn’t tame her raging hunger enough do it on her own.

Kim's Solution

Kim was practically born with metabolic syndrome due to family genetics, which was then compounded by PCOS. Kim had to take an aggressive approach to reclaim control over her body and reverse her slide toward type 2 diabetes. Genetics can be overcome but you need to know what to do.  Kim did a slightly longer cleansing phase, supported by targeted supplements and intermittent fasting to wake up her metabolism. We then gave her an easy to follow program with foods she liked so she wouldn’t be hungry all the time and could stick to her plan all the way to goal. 

How Does It Work?

What Is Red Light Therapy?

This technology was discovered in 1993 by NASA.

Experiments showed that low level laser light - specifically in the red and near-infrared spectrum - caused fat cells to empty naturally, without damage or discomfort!

They called this process photobiomodulation (which is a mouthful). Over time people nicknamed these fat removing lasers "Red Light Therapy", "Cool Laser Therapy", and "LipoLaser"

The red laser diodes send energy directly to cells so they can do their jobs better. This boosts metabolism, flushes out toxins, and causes weight loss in treated areas. That’s why it’s so perfect paired with a great nutrition plan.

It helps people lose in notorious ‘stubborn spots’ that often resist other weight loss methods.

Demi Explains How Red Light Therapy Works

At our booth for Wisdom Soup 2023 conference, attendees received 'mini-wraps' to experience Red Light Therapy, and Demi explained how and why it works so well for weight loss and pain relief.

What is a Metabolic Imbalance?

Imagine your body as a business, the calories you eat are your paychecks
and your extra weight is your savings account.

If your paychecks were cut in half, would you go spend all your savings? Neither would your body! It would slow down your metabolism and start resisting burning saved energy.

Once this happens, your body gets stuck in low gear. Losing weight becomes very hard or impossible unless you know what to do.

Ready To Talk To An Expert?

Wondering If This Program Is The Right Fit For You?

  • If your regular approach to maintaining or losing weight has stopped working for you

  • If you've ever wished while you were losing weight that you could tell your body, "Hey, start with the thighs!" Or whatever area is the most stubborn for you'

  • If you've gained weight that doesn't make sense -- especially in the belly

  • If you worry about having loose skin or cellulite even after you hit your goal

  • If you find yourself eating like a bird just to maintain your weight

  • If you know or suspect you have a slowed metabolism'

  • If you’re pre- or post-menopausal. This shift often leaves hormonal imbalances that can interfere

  • If you wouldn't mind getting better sleep, being in a better mood, having more energy and sharper thinking while you lose weight

  • If you notice that programs that work for everyone else just don't work for you - but you don't know why

  • If you're tired of getting to a healthy weight but still having trouble spots that just won't budge. And then regaining everything you lost plus more!

  • If you've ever been told you have metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes or another condition of blood sugar irregularity

Come In For A Consultation & Personalized Expert Recommendations

Our Consultation Promise

After your consultation with Demi, you'll walk away with valuable, actionable information about some of your possible underlying issues that may be stalling your efforts to lose weight. Demi will provide expert recommendations for how to proceed, whether you choose to work with us in the future or not.

Our Introductory Consultations are a chance to get to know one another; for us to learn about your health and goals & answer your questions, and for both of us to see if we may be a good fit to work together. 

You’ll never experience any high pressures sales or ‘gotcha’ tactics from our team. We’re different. We promise. In fact if you aren’t totally satisfied with your introductory experience, we’ll refund any Intro Special purchases with no questions asked. We also promise you’ll walk away having learned something NEW. They always say there’s nothing new under the sun, but in our case, THERE IS!

Demi G., Weight Loss and

Red Light Therapy Expert

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