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The LightSpeed Mission

To provide the newest, healthiest, most natural, and most effective weight loss and total wellness methods to greater Bellevue and Seattle residents to help them reach their goals of becoming the healthiest, best versions of themselves. To help people who are struggling with weight loss, despite working very hard for results, understand the potential hidden barriers and break through them!

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LightSpeed's Origin Story

LightSpeed and Evolve180 share roots in that several of the staff collaborated to bring about the ideas and reality of LightSpeed Wellness. Now they collaborate by contributing knowledge and expertise to clients in common to ensure clients have the best of all worlds when it comes to reaching their goals.

LightSpeed offers technology-assisted health, weight loss and wellness options (including body contouring), combined with the very latest and best pharmaceutical-grade supplements that support the body to efficiently eliminate fat and increase metabolic efficiency. Red Light Therapy for weight loss is our claim to fame, and our secret weapon in the fight for health, wellness and a balanced body composition.

Our Team

Demi G.

Demi is our lead Consultant, Nutritionist, and Studio Manager with over 10 years of individual and group practice in the weight loss field under her belt. Demi believes a body-positive approach is important and strives to help clients focus on what is healthy for their bodies, first and foremost. Demi, like many responsible professionals in the weight loss field, understands that the old days of BMI, clothing sizes, and numbers on a scale are crude and often inaccurate gauges of health, and have rightly been surpassed by body composition (with a specific focus on visceral fat), muscle mass and heart rate variability when it comes to properly measuring health and fitness.

Demi has had struggles with reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, so her passion for weight-related wellness is very personal. Demi is a lifelong greater Eastside Bellevue resident and currently lives in Sammamish with her husband and son.

April L.

April is our Office Manager and administrative powerhouse and recently joined the team after leaving another weight loss company. She chose us because of her passion for helping people, and she believes supporting healthy weight loss is one of the most important and powerful ways to do that. April has had a multi-faceted career, which includes being a weight loss coach, clinic manager, and office manager.

She loves helping create great systems that support great providers working with great clients! And she's great at it! We are fortunate to have her and all her expertise, passion, and service-mindedness on our team. When April is not working, she spends time with her husband gardening, hiking, or working on creative projects. She happens to be a very talented artist too!

Tara C.

Tara is our lead Red Light Technician and one of our most recently added team members but that doesn't mean she's new to the biz! Tara has worked in the weight loss, wellness, and beauty fields for over 15 years and worked with our lead consultant, Demi, in a past position where they delivered red light therapy and weight loss services to mutual clients.

She currently splits her time working with us and owns her own business as a professional lash expert who not only does incredible lashes for her private clients but also teaches other practitioners the art and science of lash application. We are fortunate to have Tara because of her energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, and fun personality.

Dominique B.

Dom is a Red Light Technician with a sparkling smile and stellar attitude. She has a huge heart for helping our clients reach their goals.

Sherene K.

Sherene founded Evolve180 Weight Loss back in 2012 and has been proudly helping people in greater Bellevue and Seattle lose weight and keep it off for over a decade! With Demi's help, Sherene discovered the power of red lights for weight loss and decided to go all in on pairing that technology with her stellar Fat Burn protocol.

LightSpeed is a spinoff company founded by Travis M., which focuses primarily on red light-based programs. Today Sherene and Travis refer clients to one another, while Sherene works to grow Evolve180 into a groundbreaking virtual weight loss coaching company.

Travis M.

Our Alaska transplant, Travis, joined Evolve180 in 2018 as the Operations Manager and jack of all trades. For those of you who’ve visited, Travis happens to be the beautiful mind behind the beautiful environment in our studio! When he recognized the immense power of red light therapy for weight loss, Travis consulted with the Evolve180 team for help launching and growing a specifically light-based treatment business – LightSpeed Health, Weight Loss & Wellness (LightSpeed Wellness for short).

As founder and CEO, his expertise in small business management and creating beautiful spaces has helped him transform parts of the studio into a spa-like tranquil destination for Bellevue and Seattle-area residents to experience the most powerful combination of weight loss approaches you'll find anywhere.


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