Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Don't Get Stuck In The Dark Ages of Pain Relief

In some ways, we’re stuck in the dark ages for chronic inflammation and pain relief. Drugs like NSAIDs and prescriptions are the go-to, but they have their own health risks and only manage symptoms. New “therapies” pop up every day, but most don’t work, and some even make things worse. We shouldn’t have to risk our money or health to find help.

Thankfully, Red Light Therapy has become the biggest health breakthrough in the last 50 years. Contemporary experts from every field of medicine now utilize it to treat and improve a huge number of conditions, from wound healing to mental health to cancer.

LightSpeed utilizes Red Light Therapy for healing inflammation and promoting pain relief. It’s the best thing we’ve seen for not just treating, but HEALING conditions that cause inflammation and pain.

  • Arthritis

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Tendonitis

  • Chronic or Acute Joint and Muscle Pain

  • Tissue Injuries

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Nerve Pain

  • Diabetic Complications

  • And Many More!

Therapeutic frequencies of red light are proven HEALING agents for an incredible array of inflammatory conditions.

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs (like steroidal and non-steroidal pain relievers) are a multi-billion-dollar-a-year business for big pharma. They get rich providing short-term symptom relief without ever helping with what’s causing them. Root causes like damaged tissue in need of repair, low cellular energy, and biological imbalances go untreated and lead to worse and worse symptoms. That’s where Red Light Therapy comes in.

Red Light Therapy, offers a simple, non-invasive way to deliver specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light the body needs to boost energy for cellular repair and spur the production of the body’s own protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals which speed up HEALING, not just temporary pain reduction.

Red Light Therapy for ARTHRITIS

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability and reduction in individual quality of life in the United States. The most common form is osteoarthritis, which is mostly ‘mechanical’ wear and tear on joints. But other forms come from biological imbalances or auto-immune diseases, including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. While they vary in severity, the most common symptoms are pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling in or around the joints.

Pain management drugs are the primary ‘treatment’ used today. But the typical prognosis is a worsening of the condition over time, with little hope for long-term or permanent relief. However, when the root causes are treated, the prognosis looks much different. Whether mechanical, biological, or immune-based, all forms of arthritis show significant improvement when treated properly with a therapeutic dose of specific frequencies of infrared and near-infrared light!

To be effective in healing arthritis, red light devices must be directly applied (i.e. touching the affected area), for a prescribed amount of time. It is also essential that devices emit wavelengths between 620nm - 660nm for red, and 800nm - 850nm for near-infrared light.

Unfortunately, most devices used today are either too small to heal affected areas quickly (i.e. laser wands or pens), or too far away (i.e. light panels, reflective beds, or saunas).

How Does Red Light Help Arthritis?

  • Reduces pain and inflammation in affected tissue and joints

  • Increases blood circulation and oxygen to cells

  • Stimulates regeneration of blood cells

  • Helps calm overly active immune response (i.e. auto-immune disease)

  • Regenerates collagen, the primary building block for cartilage, bone, and skin.

  • Accelerate healing in both bones and joints

The Healing Journey

Each person’s healing journey is different. It depends on the root causes of their pain and inflammation, as well as their gender, age, and the presence of any complicating factors such as metabolic or hormonal imbalances, type 2 diabetes, or other chronic conditions.

Red Light Therapy has helped in one way or another in every client we’ve worked with. But for some, particularly those dealing with inflammatory conditions and chronic pain, Red Light Therapy was a total game changer.

Here's what our satisfied clients are saying...

At LightSpeed, we take pride in providing exceptional health, wellness and weight loss solutions to our clients. We're new to Bellevue, so we would really appreciate your feedback so others can learn about us and our unique options! Thank You!

Demi G

LightSpeed Wellness's commitment to amazing service, healthy results and cutting edge technology is unmatched!


Kate F

Like others have said, I was really skeptical about light treatments for arthritis. I went to Lightspeed because I need knee replacement surgery and my ortho said I need to lose about

40 pounds before it will make sense. Lightspeed offers a great weight loss plan (I know that from the other company they work with - Evolve180). But when Demi more



What is it?

Red Light Therapy uses photobiomodulation, which is a low-level laser therapy that delivers red and near-infrared light to targeted areas of the body. In doing this, it helps regenerate (or grow back) cells, restore cell function, and trigger blood flow. In turn, this helps to heal and relieve pain. 

How does it work?

Red Light Therapy works by activating your mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell. With proper energy, the cells can do their jobs—such as healing and growth—more efficiently. “Think of Red Light Therapy as morning coffee for your cells so they can wake up and get the job done!”

What is it best for?

Reducing inflammation and pain, speeding up healing, tightening and rejuvenating skin, releasing fat from cells, and aiding in weight loss. 

Is it safe?

It depends on the device used for treatments. LightSpeed uses only FDA Approved and Cleared devices manufactured in the United States which have been certified to emit therapeutic wavelengths between 620nm - 660nm and 800nm - 850nm. 

How/when was it discovered?

NASA stumbled into the world of medical light therapy in 1993. The agency saw a possible solution to a longstanding problem of space travel: without gravity, astronauts' muscles and bones atrophy, and any wounds heal very slowly – all of which endangers missions. Decades later, it's now used to aid in healing many conditions, including chronic pain.

Skeptical? We get it! We were too!

Our approach is a clinically proven, FDA-approved, safe, and comfortable way to dramatically improve inflammation and pain. Come in, meet our team, talk to other clients, and decide for yourself if it’s worth a try.


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