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  • Tell your body where to lose fat and inches with our customized programs for fat reduction, skin tightening, and the best cellulite treatment you've EVER seen!

  • Red Light Therapy Body Contouring (a.k.a. Lipo-Laser) is the safest, most effective advanced, non-invasive technology for targeted fat and inch loss available today!

  • Clinically Proven and FDA Cleared to really WORK! (Clinicaltrials.gov #NCT04451824).

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HOW Can Light Cause Weight Loss?

Actually, not all light can!

You need RED light. And the equipment you use needs a perfect blend of three factors or the light won't make a difference at all. Those include:

  • Spectrum

  • Strength

  • Proximity

To work for fat loss, red light has to be strong enough, close enough, and emit the right wavelengths to cause fat cells to empty. Our equipment is made specifically for fat loss, so it checks off all three boxes.

HOW Does It Actually Remove Fat?

It sends a natural, harmless signal to your fat cells to open up and release fat, similar to the way our skin cells open and release moisture when we sweat. It’s that simple. 

It's also similar to the way your body sends signals during weight loss to fat cells, telling them it needs fuel. One signal is light, and one signal is chemical, but they both accomplish the same thing.

Light also directly boosts the energy within all treated cells, making your body burn more calories and fat for 2-3 days! The energy boost is equivalent to what you get from exercise, but without going to the gym.

Light does all of this in just 6 - 11 minutes of treatment.  At LightSpeed, we treat for 25 minutes for maximum results! 

Why Does This Go So Much Faster Than Regular Dieting?

Fat released by light doesn’t have to be digested like it does when it's released for fuel during a diet. Instead, it’s processed out by the body’s natural elimination system, which is faster than digestion.

Things go even faster when you add vibration therapy right after light treatments. That helps process fat out of the body quickly, so it’ll be eliminated within about 24 hours. All of these processes are natural and safe.  

All of these processes are natural and safe.  

What Are The Specific Factors Needed For Fat Loss?

What Are The Specific Factors Needed For Fat Loss?

First, for fat loss, the light source has to TOUCH your skin over the area where you want to lose fat. Light that shines from a distance will give you benefits, but weight loss won't be one of them.

Next, the lights have to be tuned to wavelengths between 635nm - 880nm. Most devices sold to salons and spas, or for home use, emit between 300-500nm.

Finally, the light must be strong enough (12,800mW or more) to penetrate all the way down to the fat cells underneath the skin. That's almost 100 times more than most salon or home-use devices.

Here's what our satisfied clients are saying...

At LightSpeed, we take pride in providing exceptional service and solutions to our clients. We're thrilled to have helped so many people solve stubborn problems like belly fat or cellulite that just won't budge, loose skin after weight loss, and so much more!


My mom worked with LightSpeed and had amazing results. She's in her late 60s so sagging skin was one of her top concerns to begin with, and she was worried about...read more


Jessica L

I have been doing the weight loss program and red light therapy for 6 weeks now. I am down 15 pounds, and am really impressed with the lights. No loose skin like I normally see, and my low back pain is gone.



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